What is Unique About Gopal Girvi

  • The only idol which is carved out by Lord Krishna by coming to Girvi in the form of two artist one having no hands and other having no eyes. The marvellous idol ready overnight
  • Hari (Vishnu) Shiv (Har) perfect and complete aikya (unity)- Lord Krishna is standing on the salunka of Lord Shiva. That is why this is a unique place where lord Shiva and Nandi are present opposite to Lord Krishna along with Hanumant and Garuda.
  • Perfection and accuracy in carving out idol since Lord Krishna himself carved out the idol. 100% accurate darshan with minutest and most exquisite details are seen, i.e. lines on the hand, all ornaments (alankaras), pitambara (cloth) are seen carved out in the idol itself. Further, all the parts of Krishna’s body are in perfect proportion to feel that it is a live darshana as per the description given in the shrimat baghgwat.
  • It is believed that the place is related to Lord Krishna’s life. When Krishna left Gokul for Mathura, his mother, Yashoda was very sad but that this place Girvi she was calmed and became calm. To meet Yashoda the God used to visit this place and Yashoda has fed the lord on some occasions.
  • Because of all these facts and God’s utmost blessings on Baburao Maharaj, the lord Krishna decided to stay here permanently and remain hypothecated(Girvi) here. The meaning of Girvi to is to remain hypothecated.

Hence Girvi Gopal Krishna is a unique place and rightly described as the center of Global Spiritual Energy and Vrundavan of South India