Past, Present And Future

Before 2004The temple was in a neglected condition and the activities had virtually come to a standstill. No water and toilet facilities existed. The annual festival (Vaishakhi) was also performed minimally.

Recent past (after 2004) to 2006.

a) The renovation work started with a view to provide a safe place to assemble for Upasana and also stay in the temple place by repairing walls and ceiling. The shikhar was also rebuilt and amenities in the kitchen provided. This aided to perform all religious activities and cater to pandit sadhakas and devotees. The Kalasha Rohan was performed on 30th July 2006.

b) After 2006 – The purpose of the renovation was to perform the upasana and also to get connected with a large number of devotees.

c) A very important anushthan ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah’ was performed on multiple occasions and devotees from nearby villages and outside places, i.e. Mumbai/Pune attended.

d) Many Yadnyas/Swahakars performed with the help of renowned Pandits. -

e) Geeta Pathan at regular intervals.

f) Vishnu Sahasranaam pathan at regular intervals.

As a result of a series of anushthanas the level of rainfall has increased, although many adjoining places still suffering from water scarcity. A study by Scientists equipped by modern tools established that this temple is a centre of Global energy.

The anushthanas are being performed with the objective of national welfare, propagating Vedic culture and Geeta sandesh. Though no specific efforts were made for publicity, the information and special features of this temple were brought to the attention of spiritual Gurus by the devotees themselves. As a result, these eminent personalities visited Girvi for receiving blessings of lord Gopalkrishna.

We also took this opportunity to get their valuable guidance for temple work and our future plans. Some of there personalities were

-PP Govind Dev Giriji (Kishorji Vyas)

-PP Shankaracharya (Karveer Peeth)

- PP Prasad Maharaj Amalnerkar

- PP Ganeshwar Shastri Dravid (Waranasi)

- Dr.R.N.Shukla, Pune

-Dr. G.B.Deglulkar

All these respected personalities appreciated and expressed that such a mammoth task has been performed to preserve our great spiritual heritage. For the benefit of devotees, the website was launched in November 24 2011 and FaceBook page opened in 2018 to get connected with the temple.

Recently we have also launched Jaap Anushtan (Written) of "Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay." The target is to reach 1 crore within a year, and we are happy to state that devotees from all ae groups and even from outside Maharashtra are participating.

-Devotees from other states, i.e. Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Gujarath are also visiting the temple for Darshan.

Realising the importance of Vedas and to have Veda Pathan in temple, we are trying our best to set up a Ved-Paath Shala in Girvi Temple, which is an ambitious project.

-Further, the significance of Go(Cow) Seva a small Goshala is also our next project.

Devotees are appealed to participate by actively contribute to a very holy and noble cause. As per requests from devotees the facility of online transfer of funds through bank is also available. Further, the contribution by cheque can also be made.